Soloturk F-16 Demo Team oficjalna strona

SOLOTURK is a demonstration team which presents the capability of the modern and high-performance F-16 aircraft possessed by Turkish Air Force and the high level of skill and knowledge necessary for its use to the audience as a show. The demonstration flights are realized with a solo F-16 C Block-40 aircraft. White-colored smoke is released from the smoke devices which are placed on the edges of both wings during the show. No modifications have been made on the aircraft; it can be planned for any mission. Besides the demonstration flights, the SOLOTURK pilots continue their combat training.

The Demonstration “Flight with a Single F-16 Aircraft” program, the activities for which were initiated by Turkish Air Force Command on November 25 2009, has been actualized on January 14 2010 with the picking of Maj. Plt. Murat KELEŞ, Cpt. Plt. Fatih BATMAZ and Cpt. Plt. S. Yalın AHBAB as the constituting team. Maj. Plt. Murat KELEŞ realized the first training sortie for the F-16 Demonstration Flight on May 18 2010 and completing his training on August 20 2010, he has become the first F-16 Solo Demonstration Pilot in Turkey. During the trainings, the other two demonstration pilots flew at the back cockpit as observers. On September 1 2010, which was the beginning date for the 2010/11 flight educational year, the first flight show was presented to the Turkish Air Force Commander General Hasan AKSAY in 4th Main Base Jet Command.